What Happens When We Disobey God?

by: Pastor Isaias T. Songcuan Jr.

When Achan sinned, God did not delay in removing His favor to the Israelites and the effects were immediate. After Joshua’s success, the pagan nations had given credit to God and Recognized that He was a God to be feared (Joshua 4:24 & Joshua 5:1). In the contrary, Joshua gained fame from the victory he brought to Israel instead of God. ( Joshua 6:27). There’s No doubt that Joshua himself heard great stories about him. Surely, he was tempted to take pride in his accomplishment. Joshua had fallen into pride which was evident in his behavior. So, Achan’s sin was directly followed by Joshua’s sin. This sin had caused the entire Israelites severe loss and tragedy from the battle.

In Joshua 7:12, God cannot bless sin and He will never release blessing to any type of sins. Joshua corrected himself and God proved His faithfulness by revealing to Joshua the true reason for the Israelites defeat. In the following verse 13 of Joshua 7, millions of modern Christians fall into this category; the accursed things. The Only way a person can be delivered from the accursed things is through Christ then the Holy Spirit will dwell within one’s life (Romans 6:13). In Verse 15, Stoned to death then burned with fire was then their system to those who violated the law of God. The enemies or the oppositions of the Lord claimed that such a system is brutal or barbaric. The truth is, it is the sin that is brutal and barbaric because it allows satan to steal, to kill, and to destroy (John 10:10).

In instructions had been plainly and clearly given to the whole army of Israel that no spoil should be taken in Jericho by the soldiers, or anyone else of the tribes of Israel. To disobey this was to do so in the face of God. With disregard and arrogance, if allowed to continue would destroy Israel. For instance, if someone has a contagious disease such as COVID-19 It is not cruel or inhuman to quarantine that person. This is necessary so the virus will not be spread. In fact, it would be nasty not to do so. The Lord was not cruel in what He demanded. He would have been barbaric not to have done so. As for today, if we Disobey the commandments and instructions of the Lord, and continue to be defiant and arrogance will surely be destroyed. Joshua 7:16-18, the systematic search for the offender began. Why did God use a method that was so indirect? He could have simply told Joshua who was the offender. God actually employed this method because he wanted each member of Israel to know that THEY ALL shared in the guilt. In God’s eye, it was not just an individual sin but a corporate sin. Before, the sin of one man was the sin of all. The procedure that was used to find the sinner had the purpose of postponing discovery, as long as possible. God was giving Achan a chance to surrender voluntarily. Only if Achan would have come forward immediately and confess his sin. God wants Achan to repent. This kind of action could spare his life. However, Achan refused to do so. His hardened heart explains the weakness of modern Christian. These sins are gratified and accommodated. Relationship with God can only be Enjoyed, if persistent separation from all evil. Achan involved his family in the like ruin with himself. He became unsuccessful, defeated, and end up dead.

Let us understand that Israel before was under the law. In contrast, we are now under grace because of what Jesus Christ had done on the cross. Observing what law is and how it was enforced should cause every believer to shrink and decreases back in engaging in law. If the Christian tries to live by the law which regretfully the far greater majority of the modern church is attempting to do. This is not the way that any believer wants to live. We are now living under Grace. This Grace comes to the child of God in an uninterrupted flow which is the only way we can successfully live for God providing the believer places his faith exclusively in Christ. To God be the Glory!

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The Sin of Achan by Pastor Isaias T. Songcuan Jr.

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