2019 Testimonies

Sis. Rhoda (from Philippines)

 Last week (December 10,2019) on our Prayer Conference, we prayed for Sis. Rhoda (from Philippines) that God will make a way in her situation. Praise God! After our prayer meeting last night (December 17, 2019) we received a good news that she was able to escaped from her employer in Abudabi, and ran to the nearest Philippine Embassy. Glory to God in the Highest! Praise Jesus!!!

Sis. Beth (from Philippines)

The fruit of our 5th Prayer Conference Call (December 3, 2019). Sis. Beth (from Philippines) was suffering from chest pain and high blood pressure for one day. She took all the necessity medication for her condition but it didn’t helped her. The pain was still present. After the Prayer Conference Call, the Holy Spirt revealed to Sis. Mildred about Sis. Beth. With obedience Sis. Mildred called her via messenger and they prayed to Jesus Christ our Lord. Praise God! She got her instant healing! Glory to God!!!

Bro. Napoleon (From Philippines)

Bro. Napoleon (from Philippines) got saved (December 1, 2019) then Jesus healed his crippled hands. He was unable to work due to the accident that fractured his hands. But our Living God is Jehovah Rapha. Bro. Napoleon received instant healing after receiving Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. This Miracle happened through telephone ONLY. Truly, God is Real, and His Mighty hands can reach anyone. Glory to God!!!

 Jeremiah (from US) 

On our Thanksgiving Night Service Jeremiah (from US) received Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. Glory to you Jesus! Hallelujah!!!

Sis. Caroline (from USA) 

On November 26, 2019 (our Tuesday Night Prayer Conference Call), Sis. Caroline (from USA) who was asking to pray for her husband to find a job. Glory to God, we received the good news yesterday night (December 20, 2019) that the husband got the job. Praise Jesus!!!

Sis. Russell (from Saudi Arabia)

The Fruit of our 4th Week Prayer Conference Call. We were praying (since Nov. 12, 2019 – 2nd wk of Prayer Conference Call) for Sis. Russell (from Saudi Arabia) about her desire to come here in US . Praise the Lord! Sis. Russell and her daughter received their schedule for interview. Glory to God!

Sis. Caroline (from US)

The fruit of our 3rd Week Prayer Conference Call. Nov. 19, 2019. Sis. Caroline (from US) was asking the Lord for a kidney donor. On Nov. 21, 2019 she received a call from the hospital for a good news that they found a kidney donor for her. Glory to Jesus in the highest!!! Truly, Jesus Christ is the same, today and forever.

Precious MelodyFaith (from US)

The fruit of our 2nd Week Prayer Conference Call. Nov. 12, 2019. Precious MelodyFaith (from US) asking God for her promotion in school from Honor Roll to Headmaster. God answered her prayer. On Nov 15, 2019, Precious MelodyFaith got a Headmaster’s Award.

Bro. Ruel (from US)

The Fruit of our 1st Prayer Conference Call (Nov. 5,2019): Bro. Ruel accepted Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior.


A specific person (from US) was revealed by God to Sis. Mildred who needs a prayer for her healing from anemia. All Glory belongs to God!

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