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2020 Testimonies

Dr. Adel (From Saudi Arabia)

He was intubated due to COVID-18 last August 5, 2020. We are all aware that being intubated has little chance for a patient to live. Sis. GLORIA (she’s a Nurse) requested for us to pray for the doctor’s healing. We, already prayed for the Dr. and we continue to pray in our Live Prayer Meeting last August 11, 2020. That week, we received a goodnews that Dr. ADEL was discharged and healed by our Lord Jesus Christ! Praise God!

Sis. CLARA M. (from Philippines)

She had a soft spot on her head and she was unable to take any medication since March 2020 because she didn’t have money to buy her prescription drugs. Moreover, Sis. CLARA needs money for their food. While Sis. Clara was praying with us and interceding for others as well that Tuesday night (August 11, 2020) someone was knocking at her door to give her a money for her family’s need and Praise God for she received an instant healing. Her dizziness and the soft spot on her head were gone. Truly, God has NO LIMITS. Praise Jesus!

Sis. Lolit R. (Fr. PHILIPPINES)

Testimony (August 4, 2020): She was having a high blood pressure that made her having a pain on the right side of her neck. We prayer over her during our Peayer Meeting every Tuesday. Sis. Lolit went to her Primary Doctor, but the physician told her that she doesn’t have any blood pressure problem & the pain from her neck is gone. Glory to God!!!


We’ve been praying for her since 2019 for her healing. She has a lump on her neck. She asked us to pray for her. In one accord, we continuously pray for her healing. Praise God! We got a report from Sis. VANESSA that the lump on her neck got smaller. Truly, nothing is impossible with God. Glory to God!

Sis. JULIE R.T. (fr. Philippines)

Healing Testimony(August 4, 2020): Sis. Julie had a prayer request for the healing of her right arm. It was difficult for her to move, so she went to someone she knows to massage her. While she was praying with us during our Live Prayer Meeting Conference. Sis. JULIE got healed instantly. She texted Sis. MILDRED to inform her that Sis. JULIE could move her arm without pain. Glory to God!!!

Maylynn V. (Philippines) 

Last Tuesday at our Prayer Meeting (July 7, 2020; Conference Call) Sis. MAYLYNN sent her a prayer request for her healing. She was under medications but it’s not helping her condition to get better. Praise God after we joined together & in one Faith. Sis. MAYLYNN V. Got her healing! Thank you, Jesus!!!

Sis. Gloria (From Saudi Arabia)

Testimony: Sis. Gloria (fr. Saudi Arabia) was requesting a prayer (July 7, 2020) because she was infected by COVID-19 and hospitalized. She joined our Live Tuesday Prayer Meeting here on Facebook even nowadays she dedicates her time as a Prayer Warrior to pray for others as well. Praise God! For the good news, we received last July 20, 2020, that Sis. Gloria was healed and now she is back to her work as a Nurse in Saudi Arabia. Thank you, Jesus!

Sis. Carolyn (From the US)

July 29, 2020: Sis. Carolyn (from the USA). We’ve been praying for her petition since the 2nd week or 3rd week of our Free Conference Call for Prayer Meeting so God will provide a kidney. There was a complication but we keep on praying. She was also a prayer Warrior together with our late Sis. ELAINE SCOTT. Glory to our God for we received good news that Sis. CAROLYN is in the hospital recovering from a successful Kidney Transplant. Praise Jesus!!!

Deliverance (March 12, 2020)

We do not know who is Sis. Beatrice. Only today is the day we meet Sis. Beatrice through Sis. MARISSA VIA PHONE) Sis. Marissa (from the US) called Minister Melissa after her work (March 10, 2020/ Tuesday) to pray with her then the Holy Spirit revealed about a person who cursed her life. All the revelation that God gave to Minister Melissa was true. So, Minister Melissa asked Sis Marissa to confess everything that was in her heart to God. Praise God! There’s a confession of forgiveness and our Sis. Marissa was restored. Today (March 12, 2020/Thursday), Sis. Marissa called Minister Melissa to call and pray for Sis. Beatrice (from the US). While praying with Sis. Beatrice, the Holy Spirit revealed very sensitive happenings (Apologies, we cannot share completely). Praise the Lord! The heaviness was lifted up. Thank you, Jesus Christ! All the Glory belongs to Him.

Salvation (March 6, 2020)

Sis. Mildred was used by God to minister to a Social Worker (from the US), and she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. Praise God she got saved today!!! Hallelujah!!!

Sis. Caroline (from the USA)

Sis. Caroline prayed with us yesterday in our Free Prayer Conference Call (February 26, 2020) and gave her petition to God about her family member namely, Maharani (from the USA) who was admitted to the hospital due to an infection in her blood. Today (February 27, 2020), she was dismissed. Praise the Lord! Secondly, the Husband of Sis. Caroline (from the USA) was having a problem with his digestive system and couldn’t go to work. We intercede for his healing. Today, he got up and told to his wife that he is going to work. Glory to God! Truly, Jesus is the same, yesterday and forever.

Sis. GENEVIE’S (From US)

Sis. Genevie’s father last week of January 21 on our Prayer Conference Call was admitted in ICU. She requested that her father will be healed without any surgery specifically without a pacemaker. After the night we prayed for him, the next day we found out the good news that Jesus Christ has healed Sis. GENEVIE’S FATHER was discharged WITHOUT PACEMAKER. To God be the Glory!!!

Sis. Elaine (From the US)

(January 7, 2020): One of our Prayer Warriors: Sis. ELAINE (from the US) was surprised when she was approached by a medical worker who gave her good news about a kidney donor. The reason she was shocked was because of Sis. ELAINE NEVER pass a form to request a kidney donor. Praise God! Truly, the Lord works in mysterious ways. Glory to God in the Highest!!!

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