How the Church Began?

Founder of All For Jesus Church: Minister Vivienly Tano Songcuan-Landaos
Co-Founder of All For Jesus Church: Pastor Efren M. Landaos Sr.

My family became Born Again Christian because of my late Aunt Pastor Vivienly Landaos (she was a Registered Nurse) who had no more chance to live. So, my late paternal grandfather Pastor Isaias T. Songcuan Sr. Made a promise to God that he will serve the Lord for the rest of his life. Then our Mighty God supernaturally Healed my Aunt Pastor Vivienly Landaos. The whole family started to serve our Living God up ’till this day, we are continually serving the Lord with gladness, and declaring that Jesus Christ is our Savior and He’s All we need!

Church History

Church History (United States) began 1980s:
Jesus is Lord Fellowship
Shining Light Christian Fellowship
All for Jesus Church (Present)

Church History (Philippines) began 1980s:
Rhema Church
Jesus is Lord Fellowship
Pilipino Christian Fellowship (Present)

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